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Laser etching iPads in Toronto

Apple is still selling millions of iPads every year and this volume will probably keep increasing year after year. A year ago, we were probably busy laser etching Macbooks and iPhones, but this year, it’s the year of the iPad! Everyone has an iPad and a lot of people want to get them laser etched. […]

Laser etch your iPad for free.

Laser etch your iPad for free.

UPDATE: we still have 2 free iPad etching to give away. These have been coming in slowly, but when the iPad finally is released in Canada on May 28, they will go fast. Book your free laser etching of your iPad today.

The iPad has finally been released. Although it hasn’t yet been released here in Canada, I went for a little drive into the US this weekend and stopped at the Apple store at Walden Galleria.

I must say: the iPad is a great looking device. It feels great in your hand and the display is absolutely amazing. As soon as I picked it up, I looked at the back and you have this large empty space, waiting to get customized. The backing is made of the same material as the original iPhone, anodized aluminum, which etches just amazingly well.

So, for the first 3 customers that come to our Toronto location to get theirs done, they can get it free.