Laser etched Asus laptop

As you probably know by know, we etch mostly Apple products. Most of their products are made of metal, specifically steel or aluminum which looks great etched.

But sometimes we have people walking into the office that are looking to get other types or products/laptops laser etched. And today Nikhil walked in looking to get an etching done for the girlfriend. The laptop was an Asus U45J. The laptop is silver so we thought it would look pretty cool. Usually the resulting color for silver materials is either black or white, depending on the type of plastic/faux metal they are made of.

Once we setup the design for Nikhil, we first ran a little test on one corner just to see the resulting color and if we would be able to use gradients and shades of grey on the artwork. Once the test was done and we saw the etched surface turned white we were all happy! Indeed looks very cool. Here are some pic of the final laser etched Asus laptop.

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