Laser etch your devices with your own custom artwork. We also go to your events for laser etching or provide large volume etchings.

What we do?

HiTechTattoos provides a variety of laser etching services, in-office or at an event. We can laser etch almost any item. Give us a call and find out.

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  • Laser etch your gadgets

    Get your iPad, Macbook, iPod, and any other devices laser etched with your custom artwork. Send us your image, we will prepare a proof and email it to you. If every looks good, come on in and get etched! It’s simple.

  • Have us at an event

    Are you hosting an event, tradeshow or barmitzvah? We can bring our laser to your event and laser etch your guests’ items. It’s a great way of attracting people to your table, and gives you the change to talk to a lot of your customers.

  • Volume Orders

    Are you looking to have a larger other laser etched? We can help you with that as well. We also provide water bottles, aluminum business cards and aluminum dog tags as items to laser etch.

What we have been up to

When we do something a little different we will let you know here. Sometimes a different event or a special item.

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  • Laser etching at your private or corporate event


    Since we started laser etching back in 2007, events were always a popular service we offered! Actually, a couple of months after we opened our doors to the public, we got a deal with Rogers to take our laser to their stores and laser etch their customers’ phone on-location. We must have done about 120 […]

  • Laser etching iPads in Toronto

    laser etched iPad2 by hitechtattoos in toronto

    Apple is still selling millions of iPads every year and this volume will probably keep increasing year after year. A year ago, we were probably busy laser etching Macbooks and iPhones, but this year, it’s the year of the iPad! Everyone has an iPad and a lot of people want to get them laser etched. […]

  • Yes, we are still laser etching!


    We get this question once in a while, especially because we haven’t updated our website in quite some time! Yes, we are still laser etching your gadgets, doing events and also handling some larger volume projects. I guess there is no excuse to not keep the site updated, but we’ve been quite busy over the […]